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CP & AC Interference Mitigation

Arnett & Burgess provides Cathodic Protection & Applied Current Interference Services in maintaining integrity of key assets. We can facilitate the design of Applied Current mitigation systems. Our construction teams utilize our equipment to complete the installation of these essential corrosion/hazard mitigation systems within congested joint utility corridors. We work with existing or new pipeline construction and we have the project management capabilities and construction teams capable of staffing and equipping multiple projects.

Driven by our expertise in pipeline integrity management programs, constructability, ground disturbance procedures, remote logistics and pipeline coatings, Arnett & Burgess executes Cathodic Protection and Applied Current mitigation solutions across a variety of terrain and project conditions.

Cathodic Protection & Applied Current Interference Mitigation Services

  • Design, Installation and Commissioning of New Impressed & Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Cathodic Protection & Applied Current Adjustive Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Interference Testing & Mitigation Solutions
  • Polarization & De-Polarization Surveys
  • Installation & Commissioning of Tank Bottom Protection
  • Applied Current Mitigation Installations
  • Applied Current Interference Studies & Applied Current Mitigation Design (3rd Party)
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