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Pipeline Construction

Sour Gas Gathering Pipeline

Small Midstream Company  |  NW Alberta (Wembley, AB)  |  Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

SCOPE OF WORK: Construction of a sour gas gathering system consisting of 35.3km of 12” dual sour emulsion lines, 17.7km of 12” single water line, 17.7km of 6” single fuel gas line as well as the installation of 4 pad sites and 12 ESDV stations with underground expansion bends and 3.8km of HDD. Crossings included cased CN Rail, Spring Creek, 400m beaver pond and multiple secondary roads.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: Major pipe and material delays, weather delays due to extreme warm and cold weather, narrow ROW, coordination with landowners, and environmental considerations.


SUPPORTING DIVISIONS: Fabrication, Facility Construction