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Retrofitting Sidebooms to Install ROPs (Roll Over Protection)

Arnett & Burgess Energy Services  |  Sedgewick, AB  | 

SCOPE OF WORK: A&B made the decision to fully implement ROPS (roll over protection) on our fleet of pipelayers, a procedure that is recommended, but not mandatory within the industry, for the safety of our workers in the event of a roll over incident.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: In order to complete this type of installation, our fabrication team followed a meticulous process. The process starts with the complete disassembly of the rear of the booms, stripped down to the track frames, followed by welding the full ROPS structures onto the rear of the frames. After passing inspection and receiving certification that all welds have been successfully completed, the rear end of the machines is then rebuilt. This rebuild includes custom manufacturing as all the machines are different. The final step in the process is repainting the tractors.

At present time, we have completed the retrofitting of 24 ROPS structures on our pipelayers, including 15 x CAT 561s, 4 x CAT 571s, 3 x CAT 572s and 2 CAT 583s. We have also completed the retrofit of installing full ROPS on our fleet of sidebooms.