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Pipeline Integrity

Emergency Repair

Intermediate Midstream  |  Central Alberta (Sherwood Park, AB)  |  2017

SCOPE OF WORK: The project required swift action, with meticulous project planning, in order to minimize potential damage to the surrounding environment. The work involved included determining the origin of the leak, completing the repairs, and investigating the cause of the leak.

CHALLENGES/UNIQUENESS: The project site was located within an extremely congested area of pipelines, many with no markings. This made determining owners of the infrastructure very difficult. A&B’s crew completed a thorough investigation in order to determine the owner companies of the pipelines and then traced the pipelines back to a known location and proceeded accordingly from there. The crew also successfully completed the change of the tight radius bends to longer radius in order for the neighboring pipeline owner companies to smart pig their infrastructure. This ensured that any possible maintenance to their systems could be completed.