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Monday, 29 June 2009 03:21

Ensuring safe, reliable energy infrastructure has always been A&B’s focus. Since the 1980's A&B has worked with operators to put Integrity Management Programs (IMP’s) into action.  We work with customer’s specific needs to implement the smallest of goal based or prescriptive programs, as well as the largest of turnkey projects.  A&B’s Pipeline Integrity Department enables greater reliability of your producing assets by offering the following services:



  • Pipeline Integrity Project Management
  • Correlation & Verification Pipeline Integrity Digs (3"- 42")
  • Nitrogen Purge, Pipeline Repair and Cut-Out Programs (3"- 42")
  • Pipeline Sleeve (Welded) & Clock Spring Installations (3"- 42")
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Retests (3"- 42")
  • Wireline & Tether Tool Crew Support
  • Pipeline Lowering (3"- 42")
  • Pipeline Abandonments (3"- 42")
  • Launcher & Receiver Barrel Rentals for Smart Tools (3"- 20")
  • Nitrogen Blowdown Silencer Rentals
  • Pig Barrel Fabrication/Pipe Modifications
  • AGM Surveying
  • Smart Tool Tracking
  • Pipeline Class Upgrades





Experience allows us to use proven procedures to assure accurate and cost effective project results.

Pig Barrels

Do you have a system that needs cleaning or inspecting that was not designed with a pig launcher and receiver? A&B has a wide selection of custom built pig barrels to accommodate your temporary launching and receiving needs. A&B’s pig barrels come in nominal line sizes of 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 20". You can rent them for your own project, or they can be integrated with any of A&B’s pipeline integrity services.  All barrels are rated to 600 ANSI, and can handle pressures between 1000psi to 1440psi depending on the barrel.

Blowdown Silencer

A&B’s blowdown silencer can be used to diminish noise from a pipeline discharging nitrogen, gas, or air into the atmosphere.

The silencer is commonly used in populated areas where noise pollution becomes a focal point of pipeline presence, and may be regulated by your provincial authority (ERCB). As an added bonus, blowdown times are significantly reduced when compared to a traditional 400 barrel tank.  This can cut project costs by reducing idle time in the project schedule. A&B’s silencer can blowdown pressures of up to 1440 psi through either 2” or 3” inlets.

The silencer travels on a skid which contains high pressure hoses, 3” high pressure steel piping, and 3” chicksans. The silencer will capture liquids, but will not replace your H2S scrubber.  Blowdown noise is usually attributed to the rapid release of gases through existing pipe venting to atmosphere. The silencer is designed to intercept this noise before it reaches the environment.  For more information, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us.

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