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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 04:22

Arnett & Burgess Oilfield Construction Limited (A&B) was founded by Les Arnett and Ray Burgess in 1957.  Les, an accountant and Ray, a welder, were both reasonably seasoned pipeliners and saw an opportunity to service pipeline owners better in a growing market.  Startup stories are long ago forgotten, but the legacies of the founders are not.  Les purchased Ray’s portion of the business in the sixties, but Ray’s work ethic ensued.  Les was the company’s source of guidance and was a notable example of Management By Wandering Around.  He religiously brought Kentucky Fried Chicken out to the field for the team, where he learned firsthand about areas in need of improvement, and kept close relationships with field staff, whom in many instances have the greatest contact with valued clients.

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Initial work on Bellshill, Hardisty terminal, Rangeland and other pipeline projects provided solid experience within A&B’s dedicated employees.  With over three centuries of combined company commitment from our field management team, supported by another three centuries of combined company commitment from our management team, A&B enables pipeline project success through our experience.  Through multi-decade and multi generational tenure, families like the Muirheads, Schwabs, Brodies, Schmutz’, Hampshire’s, Lewis’, Whitehead’s, Arnett’s, and Burgess’ have been able to retain the company’s fundamental values of quality, integrity, and value.

Currently, A&B enjoys a reputation as a quality contractor and is celebrating, in some cases, quarter century relationships with clients.  A&B works with some clients’ engineering divisions to aid in reducing end cost while increasing safety standards and asset efficiency.  The company operates much like a service firm rather than a contractor, to service long standing relationships.  The company practices geographic agility in this sense to service client activity, rather than constraining itself to regional boundaries.


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